• Creativity
  • Story structure
  • Production value
  • Does it grab your audience?
  • Does it address the theme of Home?
  • Does it include your Highline landmark?


Can I go over 7 minutes? You can still enter but it needs to be less than 8 minutes.

Does Highline have equipment I can use? Multimedia Design students have access to camera equipment.

How about violence? We are a weapons free campus. Check with security first.

I am at Highline but can I work with people that don’t go here? Yes

Do I need permission from actors? You must show proof of consent from actors

Working in a team? If you are working in a team, you only need to register once with one main contact.

Can I submit more than 1 film? Yes, you may submit up to 3 films.

Does the film have to use the landmark the entire time? No, you don’t have to include the location, art piece or landmark for the entire film.

What about music? All original music or consent to use the music – no Taylor Swift. There are plenty of sites for non-copyrighted music (AudioJungle, BenSound or search for Copyright Free Music).

Can I film on campus? Yes, but be respectful of the space – please don’t ask people to move – you are shooting at school. Be respectful of students as school is in session.

Does it have to be in English? If it is in a foreign language please provide subtitles.


  • Lynda.com is a free resource if you have a King County Library card.
    • 1000’s of video tutorials how to make a video/film.
  • Building 30 has video editing computers.
  • You may shoot with your phone and any other camera with video recording capabilities.
  • Watch short films on Vimeo or YouTube to brainstorm.